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A Remarkable Journey

For a good read for the young adult reader, bury yourself in my book, The Eagle’s Eyes. Combining science and science fiction, with a dash of romance, The Eagle’s Eyes will take you on a remarkable journey.

Book Summary

Nestled in the hills of Western Pennsylvania alongside the Beaver River, sits the small town of Riverside. A town with an amazing secret known only to a select few Chippewa Indians called the Guardians. 

It was these Guardians who stood watch generation after generation over the surrounding lands and the reason for the secret, the stone formation called the Eagle's Nest. But now that secret is about to be revealed! 

Little did Kristen Elliot and her brother Lawrence know that they would be caught up in events that had been set in motion hundreds of years earlier when they and their friends decided to begin their summer vacation by going for a swim in the Beaver River running through Eagle Woods. What they find there changes all their lives, the lives of the Guardians and the lives of everyone on the planet Earth. 

The story begins with the Chippewa's Legend of the Eagle's Nest, and the secret it hides. The legend foretells of a time when Earth will be threatened from a great Evil, so The Great Spirit, in preparation for it, calls upon a mighty Spirit Warrior for his help. This warrior is transformed by The Great Spirit into a stone formation of an eyeless eagle and given the charge to guard Earth and to wait for His sign that the Evil was coming. 

The legend also speaks of a sister and a brother that will find the eagle's missing eyes, taken and hidden by The Great Spirit, when the time was right. Then, after much danger and heartache, they will place the eyes into the hollows of the eagle shaped formation bringing the Spirit Warrior back to life. Once the Spirit Warrior is awakened, they will join with him as one spirit and rise into the heavens to fight the Evil. 

Kristen and Lawrence know the legend, as does everyone else in the Riverside area, but are unaware of the true meaning behind it. Only the Guardians know and have protected the secret for centuries. All they and their friends are expecting is a cool swim on the last day of school in the Beaver River, before all the excitement of the big Founder's Day celebration the following day. But, after stumbling upon the eagle's eyes while swimming and encountering the leader of the manidog: shape shifting evil spirits, they begin to except their lives are never going to be the same again. 

With help from the Guardians and Kristen's basketball coach, David Eagleman, Kristen, Lawrence and their friends face the manidog, the death of a friend and serious injury of another, the beginning of young love and the real reason behind the death of their father, to place the eyes in the eagle and awaken it.

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